Smart Apple HealthKit Body Scale

by HomeKit Australia

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These body weight scales provide export to Apple HealthKit on your iPhone or iPad (and also FitBit and Google Fit), from these "smart" great looking patented bathroom scales.

The scale has curved corners and a big, clear white LED which disappears when the body scale is not in use.

These HealthKit scales has its own free App, if you want extra options like body water, visceral fat, body fat, subcutaneous fat rate, fat-free body weight, bone mass, body type, obesity level, protein, muscle mass, BMI and BMR.

Once the body fat scale is used it will automatically sync with Apple's HealthKit (or FitBit or Google Fit) and can store up to 100 groups of data.

Our HomeKit Australia HealthKit body scale is initially available in black. If you'd like the white model (see the photos above) added please make that request - we are always happy to listen to your feedback.

To set up the scales you first download, the app HealthU+ and follow the prompts and from there on all information will automatically update your Apple Health data as well as the records in the HealthU+ app.

Like all our products, we are using one of these smart weight scales ourselves and it works great, especially that it loads into Apple Health.

In the meantime please free to download the Apple HealthKit body scales user guide.

Smart Apple HealthKit body weight scales specification summary:

Supports: Wifi and low power Bluetooth 4.2IC
Accuracy of heart rate: Within 2% of that of professional equipment
Data comparison with Polar H10 heart rate band: +-5BPM:≧85%, +-10BPM:≧90%
Accuracy (weight): 0.1-2Kg±0.00Kg
5-50Kg ±0.1Kg
50-100Kg ±0.2Kg
100-150Kg ±0.3Kg
150-182.5Kg ±0.5Kg
Power: 3 x AAA batteries
Warranty: 1 year

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