On-the-Go Solutions

HomeKit Australia presents a range of charging solutions for those that are on-the-go, in the car or with the aim of making travelling just that bit simpler.

Our focus is always on quality and our technology partner has been producing magnetic and wireless charging solutions for 15 years.

We have products aimed at various price points except the expensive ones.

Our partners have 22 full-time R&D staff and over this time they've accumulated a number of their own wireless charging patents. You'll notice that we often  show an exploded view of our product whilst others might perish the thought of you seeing their products' innards.

By pursuing our factory direct sourcing philosophy, we can aim to offer you selected, quality products that we ALWAYS use ourselves, and at prices that we hope are always attractive.

Remember ....

"At HomeKit Australia, Quality is not an occasional concern but a relentless dedication."


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