Welcome to HomeKit Australia's online Thunderbolt store.

Thunderbolt 4, Thunderbolt 3 and USB4 are all premium, high performance interfaces that we love to use ourselves and always happy to assist you with Thunderbolt advice and recommendations.

Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 4 and USB4 are all heavily entwined but hopefully our expertise will help you understand each of these technologies better. 

The great news is that Thunderbolt not only works 100% with USB4 but is fully backwardly compatible with USB-C.

SSD's or Solid State Drives feature heavily in products utilising Thunderbolt technology. Again we aim to make it easy to understand SSD and Thunderbolt 4 in our News Blog, where you will find articles on both SSD's and Thunderbolt.

We are regularly adding new Thunderbolt products, so please check back with us regularly.

Right now, you can check our 1TB and 2TB Thunderbolt SSD drives and cases offering up to 40Gbps data throughput, plus our new ultra-premium 2TB Thunderbolt Fire SSD drive.

Brand new is our Thunderbolt docking station. The Thunderbolt docking station is available with no SSD or 2TB NVMe SSD.

.... and yes, we use all of these products ourselves.

Feel free to download our latest Thunderbolt article - Thunderbolt - a Striking History.


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