New Products

HomeKit Australia is pleased to announce new products.

Our products include AC chargers, GaN chargers, Apple HomeKit products, iPhone 12 chargers, cases and cables, mobile phone solutions, USB4, Thunderbolt 3, SSD, wireless chargers, apple watch chargers, USB-C expansion hubs, iPad USB-C docks, and a range of smart home products.

To offer you quality products at the very best pricing, HomeKit Australia has partnered with a range of manufacturers, to source all it's products directly from the factory door.

There's none of your money feeding hungry middlemen or distributors or dealer chains.

All HomeKit Australia products are individually selected and we use every single product ourselves. If a product doesn't meet our expectations, we simply don't stock or sell it.

At HomeKit Australia, Quality is not a occasional concern, but a relentless dedication.

Order processing

We always try to ship all product the same day as it is ordered


Now with flat rate national shipping - standard, express or courier

Quality done dirt cheap

At HomeKit Australia you save BIG with our factory direct buying policy