Hubs & Docking

We have a range of new hubs as requested by you, our loyal clients and we liked the idea of using these hubs ourselves. 

And right now there's multiple specials on various USB-C hubs across the HomeKit Australia range.

Like, our other products, they are sourced direct from the factory floor to save you money. No distributors, importers or middlemen whatsoever. And yes, we use all of these products ourselves.

Our hubs are aimed at USB-C Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 4 and USB4. The aim is to give users the opportunity to add Thunderbolt or USB-C devices to their computers or laptops where they have run out of ports.

We love to hear your feedback, so if there is any neat USB-C products you'd like to see added, please give us a hoi.


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