Home kit

Our "home kit" is a range of useful home products at great prices.

All our home kit has been sourced direct from the factory, potentially saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over the prices in the big stores.

Home kit product includes bathroom, kitchen, loos, door furniture, plumbing and waterproofing.

We only list kitchen products that we have tried or used ourselves, so be confident that these kitchen products are your best choice. Plus we have a factory direct buying policy so that we can pass on these savings to you.

Unfortunately, some in the industry, in a quest to drive their prices lower, skimp on what we regard as essentials. If you employ a builder focussed on quality, they would never consider deleting these items. Our highest recommendation is that neither should you.

We've picked through the best quality and best value home building and home renovation products and now offer these same products to you. We personally select each product and only buy direct from the factory. This means you can be confident in buying a quality product but at the best prices around.

We've never been so excited about toilets but our rimless toilets are just superb. Wide, quality tops, NO RIM and a triple glaze including a nano surface glaze that stops ... well you know .... sticking to the bowl.

How about marine grade stainless steel shower recesses for your soap, shampoo and the like. In 316 stainless steel, these shower recesses will last a lifetime .... and more.

We don't sell a huge range of stainless steel door handles but we do sell great quality at an inexpensive price.

Our door handles, like all our home products, are sourced direct from the factory so we can offer great pricing whilst maintaining our stringent quality requirements.

All home kit ships Australia wide at our standard $7.49 delivery fee. Larger items are not available to ship Express Post. 

HomeKit Australia has a factory direct purchase policy .... so that we can pass on the very best prices to you.

Imagine a store where the owners use every product themselves. Well, all the items we promote and sell, we do use ourselves or have purchased for an upcoming build. That means we only select the best combination of high quality and great value.

Many of the products we sell are identical or a higher spec than brand names you will see in the shops ... at perhaps 5 times the price.  That's because our suppliers make them and affix the brand name.  Usually we opt for the highest spec model made in the factory so you receive a better product at a cheaper price.

These home products have primarily been designed for Western Australian and especially Perth home renovators and Perth owner builders. Please pick and choose the best in kitchen appliances, fittings and technologies that we've uncovered over the use.

All items listed are held in stock in Western Australia and typically ship out the same day that you place your order.

Thanks always for supporting HomeKit Australia and our new "home kit" products .... and remember, at HomeKit Australia -

"Quality is not an occasional concern but a relentless dedication."



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