Apple MFI Cables


Premium Apple MFI, high capacity and magnetic data cables featuring USB-C, USB4, Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 4 and Lightning connectors, all sourced from a single Apple certified MFI cable manufacturer.

You might ask -
"What's so important about being Apple MFI Certified?"

All genuine Apple Lightning connectors for iPhones, AirPods, iPods, iPads and other accessories, use a proprietary connector developed by Apple. Apple licences the use of this proprietary Apple chip only to MFI certified cable manufacturers, so inside each MFI Lightning connector is a tiny authentication chip that tells your device it’s Apple MFI certified and approved.

This is important because cheap knock-off (or uncertified) lightning cables can be dangerous to your device and can get extremely hot, cause damage to your phone, and even render it completely fried and useless.

To be certified in the Apple MFI programme, the cable manufacturer must submit samples of their cables to Apple's independent testing facility and undergo rigorous stress, electrical and mechanical testing. Individual charging cables are tested to ensure there are no defects and that each cable meets Apple's MFI quality standards. Twice a year Apple randomly inspects the cable manufacturer to ensure cables are still being manufactured to Apple's ultra high standards.

If a Lightning cable doesn't cite its Apple MFI certification - it's not an Apple MFI certified cable.

HomeKit Australia only buy charging cables from one Apple certified MFI factory - you may find cheaper charging cables, but you won't find better.

Not all our cables are Apple MFI certified. Those that are MFI certified are indicated in the listing.

Our $4.99 USB-C cable with inbuilt power protection, offers a great budget cable choice - but cables like these are not MFI certified.

Our premium cables all feature further "smart" power protection by way of e-marker chips embedded within each cable connector. The e-marker chips communicate with your devices and "smart" chargers - such as "HomeKit Australia's GaN chargers, to ensure the highest level of safety, security and performance.

Bottom line is whilst you may not view our HomeKit Australia cables as cheap, it won't fry your iPhone or iPad .... and that's super important to remember, just as is this -

"At HomeKit Australia, Quality is not an occasional concern but a relentless dedication."


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