We are now down to a handful of 100w chargers left in stock.

One of our original HomeKit Australia products 2 years ago, this 100w charger has remained a consistent best seller throughout.

With Gallium Nitride (GaN) circuitry and full RCM (SAA) certification, this charger with 4 ports has remained one of our favourite products that we sell.

Our 65w charger 3 ports has now completely sold out.

The new 65w charger 2 ports is now in limited supply, so don't miss out on the last of our 65w chargers.

This latest 65w charger uses the latest Gallium Nitride technology and is the perfect charger for MacBooks, iPads and iPhones plus PC laptops and Android devices.

There's now just 5x 65w 3 port chargers left in stock.

This is our lowest price ever and below our own cost - just $27.55 for an Australian certified, 3 port GaN 65w charger.

All our 65w chargers utilise Gallium Nitride (GaN) chip technology.