If you use multiple devices at work or at home, consider solving the cable chaos with a 3 head charging cable.

Simply plug one end of the cable into a standard USB charger and then you can charge an iPhone, iPad or AirPods via the lightning connector, an Android device or laptop with USB-C and your Kindle or other mini USB device.

The cables are silver and 1 metre on length.

Charge your Apple Watch by simply plugging a tiny charger into USB?

But best of all, buy our Apple Watch USB charger and take 50% off our Apple Watch puck charger purchased at the same time.  Just add the code APPLEWATCH at checkout to take advantage of this offer.

You can plug the Apple Watch USB charger into a USB wall plug or into the USB port on your laptop, computer or other device. It's great for travelling.

Would you like extra Apple Watch charger pucks at a better than Apple price?

Even better, buy our Apple Watch puck charger and take 50% off our Apple Watch USB charger purchased at the same time.  Just add the code APPLEWATCH at checkout to take advantage of this offer.

The HomeKit Australia "puck" follows all Apple specifications and is available in white with a USB connector that you can connect to your MacBook, PC laptop or USB outlet or AC charger.

You can now charge 2 devices, both at 10w, at the same time with our dual 10w Qi Wireless Chargerreduced to just $25.95.

ou can charge your iPhones or AirPods on this double charger, both at the same .... both at maximum output. This is a great way to charge for multi-phone families.

If you are looking for a cheaper but still quality alternative do take a peek at our single 10w wireless charging pad.

Order any product and you can buy one of our Mag car chargers for just $11.99.

You will receive the $11.99 offer after you check out and then have just 5 minutes to accept.

We are about to launch our Version 3 Mag car chargers but at a much higher price.

Act now, don't miss out.

Thankyou to all that purchased our version 2 Mag Charger - they are being replaced immediately by our new and improved version 3 Mag chargers.

Developed in our AC charger lab, our Mag charger aligns perfectly with the embedded magnets in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro series. This ensures the fast charge, creating a perfect circuit each and every charge.

As we outlined, this MagSafe charger connects to USB-C so you may want to pick up our 20w USB-C GaN charger or perhaps a 30w GaN charger at the same time.

To celebrate our 20w GaN charger being back in stock, and to thank the OzBargain community for their great support of HomeKit Australia, today we are launching a free freight offer.

OzBargain followers will be able to enter the discount code - OZ20WFREIGHT - at checkout to obtain FREE standard shipping of their 20w charger order.

As a further bonus they can purchase our premium 5A 100w rated USB-C to USB-C cables at 50% off. This offer is made AFTER checking out and you have 5 minutes to accept the 50% off "thank you for your order" offer.

HomeKit Australia is proud to launch our first 40Gbps USB4 to USB4 cable.

Developed by our Apple MFI certified cable manufacturing partner, this is the very highest rated of our premium cables.

Produced to enable power users to capitalise on the promise of Thunderbolt 3 and USB4, these cables will enable the highest data transfer speeds possible.


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