Whether you've purchased a 20w GaN charger or a HomeKit smart power plug or anything else ... all our products are delivered by Australia Post.

You will receive a tracking number by email as soon as your order is fulfilled. Just click on this number (which you can also find by going to your order page on our website) and you will be taken to Australia Post's tracking page for your item.

Arriving March 2021, HomeKit Australia will be stocking the following new HomeKit products - porch lamp, E27 lights, light strips, cube clickers and a new door sensor.

These new HomeKit products will require a proprietary hub unlike our Onvis and Meross products that do not require any special HomeKit hub.

Stay tuned more details on this great new range of HomeKit products.

At HomeKit Australia we use these desktop wireless chargers every day.

At home and in the offices they are dotted around various rooms.

When I'm in the office I'm working on an iMac and I place the desktop wireless charger alongside the iMac. If a notification comes through I see it immediately without leaving my main work task. If the notification requires attention, I just swipe and attend to the note.

One of the great cheaper products we sell at HomeKit Australia, is our Magic Magnet iPhone charging cable.

If you are tired of tripping over or vacuuming up your USB iPhone or iPad charging cable, you should take a close look at the Magic Magnet charging cable.

It stretches out to the normal 1 metre, but when you release it, the cable will coil up into a tight circle.

Get our HomeKit Australia wireless car charger for 50% off - that's just $8.49.

To get this wireless car charger for $8.49, just type in code CAR50 when you purchase any product (or products) over $25.

Whether you choose a wireless car charger, a MagSafe car charger or a standard MagSafe charger, HomeKit Australia has all products in stock and ready to ship today.

HomeKit Australia's latest MagSafe charger not only charges your new iPhone 12 but will also charge your Apple AirPods.

Provided you have AirPods that can charge wirelessly, you can now share the same Mag charger for both your iPhone and AirPods.

The ability to charge your AirPods from the same charger is a real bonus and saves on buying or carrying two separate chargers.

HomeKit Australia is now shipping HomeKit smart plugs to both Singapore and the United Kingdom.

The plugs ship from Australia and are available to purchase in packs of 4 from eBay Singapore and eBay UK.

HomeKit Australia ships UK HomeKit smart plugs to both Singapore and the UK. Australia Post air delivery to UK is £14.95 for a pack of 4 plugs, and £6.95 for each additional 4 pack.

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