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Wireless EarPods under $20

If you are looking for an affordable wireless AirPods alternative, HomeKit Australia introduces wireless EarPods.

Very similar in looks to Apple's AirPods, they come in an almost identical case with both Lightning and wireless charging like the original AirPods.

Once you initially pair the EarPods by Bluetooth with your iPhone, they thereafter auto-connect and auto power on .... again just like genuine AirPods.

You get true wireless stereo - and can use Siri to control or tap the EarPods to control various functions like skipping to your next song.

OHomeKit Australia's EarPods charge wirelessly or with the supplied iPhone Lightning cable or from your existing iPhone charger and cable. You can expect 2-3 hours music play time - plus you can also take your phone calls via the EarPods.

Each EarPod auto-connects by Bluetooth so you can use just the left or right EarPod on its own.

Whilst they might lack the deep bass of original Apple AirPods Pro, they are bargain at under $20

There's limited initial stock, so don't miss out.

Thank you for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.