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What is PD 3.0?

When it was introduced in 2014 the USB-C connector was smaller, slimmer and reversible, a major improvement on what had gone before in USB connectors since 1996.

USB PD (Power Delivery) is the specification for handling higher power across USB, allowing for a range of devices that can charge quickly over this USB connection.

The two devices can then talk to each other to determine how much power can be requested from the charger and supplied to the other device.

The original PD standards started at a 5V setting. Now with a USB-C cable, it can go up to 100w provided a fully rated 100w USB-C cable, such as those supplied by HomeKit Australia, is used.

With the advent of PD 3.0 most AC chargers shared their output across the ports of the same charger. Unlike these cheaper chargers, HomeKit Australia AC GaN chargers will deliver the full maximum output watts from the primary USB-C port. So a 65w multi-port GaN charger will actually deliver 65w from the main USB-C port.

A PD 3.0 AC charger is required to deliver Apple's MagSafe technology via Apple's magnetic charger for the iPhone 12 series. Be aware many cheaper chargers DO NOT conform to PD 3.0.

The entire HomeKit Australia GaN charger range fully conforms to PD 3.0 and any charger from the range is an ideal choice for powering any Apple device or accessory.

All Apple devices talk to our GaN chargers so that only the maximum wattage for each device will be delivered at any time. You cannot over charge the device with our smart GaN chargers.

Also bear in mind that most Apple devices, reduce their charge as they hit an 80% charge capacity so this further reduces the incoming power for that last 20% of charge. Again HomeKit Australia's smart GaN chargers communicate directly with the device being charged.

HomeKit Australia GaN chargers also fully support the new USB4 (or Lightning 3) devices such as Apple's MacBook Air and upcoming iPads and iPhones.

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