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What are the Benefits of Smart Scales?

Health is about so much more than just our weight – what counts as a health body size is highly individualised. Wellness cannot be entirely measured by a scale, but rather by a bigger picture that includes stress management, sleep, movement, and food intake. For those looking to change their lifestyle for a healthier future, investing in a smart scale can help keep one or multiple people in a household focused on their initiatives. Unlike an analogue scale, which offers inconsistent readings, the Best Smart Scales make tracking health priorities effortless. There is no writing down details after every weigh-in as they are automatically tracked and are often synced to an app on our smartphones. It takes the guesswork out of keeping tabs on your health metrics for a well-rounded look at all the factors rather than just a number.

How Smart Scales Work

Smart Scales measure health metrics through a technology called bioelectric impedance analysis, or BIA for short. While standing on the scale, an electric current that is completely undetectable passes through one foot, up one leg, and down the other. This current passes through body fat more slowly than muscle and uses the amount of resistance to calculate a person’s body composition. However, even the Best Smart Scales are only so accurate when it comes to exact BIA measurements. But a smart scale offers so many more benefits than just recording your weight.

The benefits of using a smart scale

1. A Well-Rounded Look

What makes Smart Scales best, compared to analogue and stabiliser scales, is that they reveal so much more about someone’s health than just their weight. Smart scales can record other metrics, like changes in muscle mass, water weight, and body fat percentage. This offers a much more well-rounded look at someone’s health than just a single number.

2. Records Important Data

Stepping on a scale can be difficult for many people – regardless of their weight – for a variety of different reasons. What makes Smart Scales the best health alternative to traditional scales is their ability to record and sync data to our smartphones. Our Smart Scales are one of the few smart scales that directly upload data into Apple HealthKit on your iPhone or iPad and also to FitBit and Google Fit. This means that you don’t have to look at the numbers on the scale if you don’t want to. This information will be recorded on your health app of preference so your doctor or health care provider can look at it later. It will keep track of long-term trends for your health, which are much more important than a daily weigh-in number. If you do prefer to look at this number, you can do so over the course of several weeks or months rather than focusing on the day-to-day of your weight loss journey. Some of the Best Smart Scales also offer pregnancy-mode features, which allow people to disable to the body composition feature so their weight doesn’t appear on the scale but is still recorded directly in the app.

3. Create better habits

Although not 100% accurate, smart scales are the best option for anyone looking to lose, maintain, or gain weight because of the ease which they provide. Being able to monitor one’s progress and seeing more than just weight provides much more motivation for staying on track with your new healthy habits than just seeing the same number repeatedly on an analogue scale. Just because your weight has increased or has plateaued doesn’t mean changes aren’t happening! Visit our website for more details.

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