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Waterproofing wet areas in WA homes

The BCA or Building Code of Australia, as well as Australian Standards set out requirements for waterproofing of wet areas in Australian homes.

In simple terms the minimum requirement of these standards are that an entire shower floor must be waterproofed, whilst shower walls must be waterproofed up to a height of 1800mm.

Our experience is that some builders may skimp on this mandatory waterproofing standard, either completely or by simply waterproofing the floor and joins in masonry corners.

Waterproofing is one of those tasks, that if not completed correctly, will come back to haunt you.

The Perth Renovator and Owner Builder Store recommends that you go beyond the minimum requirements of Australian Standard 3740-1994 and spend a little more time and just a few dollars more and be extra careful in completing all wet area waterproofing.

You start with ensuring you have a clean and dust free area to waterproof. Our advice is to clean up in the traditional manner and then provide a hearty vacuum cleaning of the area to be waterproofed. Finish up by wiping over the entire area with a damp cloth or mop. Then allow to dry thoroughly.

A clean surface is your friend, as this will allow the initial upcoming treatment to best adhere to the surface you are treating. A strong molecular bond between the wet area surface and the upcoming waterproofing will ensure the maximum future performance of the wet area.

There are many commercially available waterproof treatments and compounds. Seek advice from retailers or suppliers at this stage.

Water based treatments have advanced significantly in recent years and it should no longer be necessary to purchase an oil-based waterproofing treatment for domestic applications.

Prior to application of any waterproofing liquid we highly recommend that all joins and penetrations be covered with a membrane film such as the waterproofing membrane supplied by the Perth Renovator and Owner Builder Store.

This is a premium waterproofing membrane that we use on our own projects.

There's no second chances when it comes to waterproofing so we highly recommend buying the best quality products and do the job properly. You could be sorry if you don't .... and this is very cheap insurance.

Our waterproofing membrane is designed to work in tandem with our waterproofing kit, a water-based liquid that is painted liberally onto wet area surfaces.

Paint on a coat of waterproofing liquid and while still wet, fit the membrane around penetrations and all corners in your shower recess. Once this is set, apply another coat of the waterproofing liquid above the membrane.

Perth Renovator and Owner Builder Store's waterproofing kit is comprised of a tub with two separate internal polymersthat you mix with water.

It creates a (water-based, non toxic) waterproof polymer render that you can use in your bathrooms and all wet areas, and is designed to use in wet areas in tandem with our waterproofing membrane fabric, that you buy by the roll.

But best of all, you can even trowel directly to external walls in place of sand renders. You will get a better, flexible, waterproof render coat, ready for painting.

The waterproofing kit comes in 5 litre pales but if you'd like to save even more, select our 20 litre tub.

Generally, water-based treatments suggest 2 costs but we recommend at least three coats. Remember, you will not have any opportunity to improve your waterproofing later, so be ultra conservative and apply the extra coats now.

All products will provide application rates and coverage information. Be sure to follow these as a minimum to ensure any supplied warranties are covered. Obviously it is a good idea to take photos of the job as you apply coats and when it is completed and dried.

Be aware that various factors can affect the application and performance of your waterproofing. Environmental factors such as extreme temperatures, humidity and inadequate or extreme airflow should be avoided.

The Perth Renovator and Owner Builder Store supplies waterproof aluminium tape available in 50mm and 150mm widths. Whilst these are ideal for taping over cracks in your concrete floor or masonry blockwork, the waterproof tape should not be used as a base with waterproofing treatments over the tape. Instead, if you are still concerned about cracks, after your waterproofing is complete, use this tape to to improve waterproofing in wet areas by applying last.

Use this waterproofing tape to tape over cracks in your pipework, plant and equipment and wherever you need a super-sticky, waterproof, high tensile strength repair .... that just won't let go.

We use this tape to cover any crack in our concrete floors, to repair loads of different items and around penetrations and joins in addition to our waterproofing liquid, in wet area under tiles.

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