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Waterproofing wet area in Perth homes

To successfully applying waterproofing membranes in Perth new homes, begin with a clean, dust-free surface.

Dust and rubble should be swept up and vacuumed. Next damp wipe or mop the surface to ensure that the surface is as clean as possible. A clean surface will allow your waterproofing treatment to adhere to the surface and create an effective waterproof barrier.

Make sure you check the waterproofing product data sheet to ensure optimal installation and coverage.

ISWG sells flexible super high-strength waterproofing tape.

Available in 50mm and 150mm widths, these 5 metre rolls faced with aluminium, are the ideal solution for taping over cracks in your concrete floor or masonry clockwork. The waterproof tape can even be used to improve waterproofing in wet areas.

Tape over cracks in your pipework, plant and equipment and wherever you need a super-sticky, waterproof, high tensile strength repair. This waterproofing tape just won't let go.

On our own projects, we use this tape to cover any crack in our concrete floors, to repair loads of different items and around penetrations and joins in addition to our waterproofing liquid, in wet area under tiles.

The ISWG waterproofing tape is a super-premium product with rubber butyl mastic and a woven aluminium surface.

It comes in 5 metre rolls, in both 50mm and 150mm widths.

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