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USB-C to USB-C cable $3.95

That's right, we are running out USB-C to USB-C charging cables at $3.95 including free standard shipping.

If you would like to team up with friends or colleagues and buy 10 pieces per order, these USB-C cables drop even further .... under $3 per piece.

We have 100 pieces of the USB-C to USB-C cables in stock, and when they are gone .... they are gone.

Don't miss out on grabbing one of these cables for this great price.

They are ideal for charging cables for Android devices, MacBooks or Apple devices that USB-C.

The cables are black only, and are approximately 1 metre in length.

USB-C or USB Type-C, is the second most recent connector developed by the USB Implementers' Forum or USB-IF.

The USB-IF is made up of the likes of Apple, Intel and other manufacturers.

The most recent standard is USB4 which is essentially a renaming of Apple's Thunderbolt 3 technology.  The new Mac M1 machines all feature USB4 and are the first machines we've seen that advertise USB4.  That was easy as they already had Thunderbolt 3 ports anyway.

The difficulty for consumers is that USB-C and USB4 ports appear to be the same however the use of USB-C in a USB4 works just fine.

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