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Upcoming HomeKit Products

HomeKit Australia is proud to announce the introduction of several new Apple HomeKit products beginning from March 2021.

The new products include HomeKit LED light bulbs, LED light strips and a new garage door opener.

We are presently just waiting on RCM Australian power certification before launching the new range of HomeKit products in Australia.

All of our products have 100% Apple HomeKit certification, so there's no ugly workarounds from many of the products you'll find on mail-order websites. Simply launch the Apple Home app, scan the barcode (which is on the packaging as well as the product) and you are done.

Of special interest will be our HomeKit Australia garage door opener as there is very little legal choice in this product category.

As per normal we will continue with our introductory pricing for the first few weeks. Like all our products, these new HomeKit products are sourced factory direct so there's no middleman costs passed on to our clients.

We are always interested in your feedback so feel free to email any comments.

Thank you for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.