Thunderbolt store closure | HomeKit Australia

Thunderbolt store closure

The HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store will close on schedule on 30 June.

Unfortunately our factory direct discount product pricing has been unsuccessful.

We've worked at the store for 2 years and no pay, contributing an average almost $1000 per week to support the costs of running the store.

Any reasonable sales have only been achieved if we give away product for free - free product is our biggest seller - or we've sold product way below our own cost.

We've often been asked why we don't sell on Amazon. Simple answer, we don't make the 16% cut that Amazon take to sell your product - plus monthly and one off fees and charges.

Our problem has been that people prefer to pay the higher prices.

Our thanks go out to those people who have returned time and again to support our Australian owned and operated business.

We've loved chatting with you over the past 2 years.

It's now time to take up feeding the magpies which will be much less costly!