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Thunderbolt SSD speed

Thunderbolt 4 SSD drives are fast.

Thunderbolt Fire SSD drives are even faster.

We've added real life testing results of our 2TB Thunderbolt SSD drive for you to check the speeds and compatibility. We hope it is useful to you.

Our initial testing was done on an in-use 2TB Thunderbolt 4 SSD from an Intel powered iMac, using a third-party Thunderbolt 3 cable.

As a bit of fun, we thought we would repeat the test with one of our HomeKit Australia ultra premium Thunderbolt 4 cables, and we are happy to report, our cables truly are superior.

Whilst many formats were not compatible with the cheaper cable, using our own Thunderbolt 4 cable ... ALL formats were fully compatible.

Speeds went through the roof using our Thunderbolt 4 cable, demonstrating the extreme quality of HomeKit Australia USB-C and Thunderbolt cables.

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