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Thunderbolt SSD

We have now sold out of almost all of our core Thunderbolt products.

The sole remaining Thunderbolt products are our new braided Thunderbolt cables and just a handful of Thunderbolt SSD enclosures.

The Thunderbolt SSD cases are being quit for just $134.95.

Our Thunderbolt enclosures quickly dissipate heat and are made from thick aluminium alloy.

We run our own Thunderbolt SSD drives 24/7 and these Thunderbolt drives and Thunderbolt cases always run cool and at worst, barely warm. 

Ensure that you always verify that the case you are buying can genuinely transfer 40Gbps .... most truly only transfer 5Gbps, 10Gbps and if you are very lucky 20Gbps.

HomeKit Australia Thunderbolt SSD cases transmit a genuine 40Gbps.

Thanks for shopping HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.