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Thunderbolt Solid State Drive

Today computer and device users are replacing traditional hard drives and even USB storage with the much faster Solid State Drive (SSD) options that abound the internet marketplaces.

Thunderbolt is often associated with m.2 NVMe SSD’s that resemble a common RAM DIMM. They fit into special slots in devices like Thunderbolt enclosures and Thunderbolt docking stations.

NVMe SSD’s access a computer’s motherboard via PCIe if installed internally or externally via Thunderbolt 4. The blazing speeds of Thunderbolt NVMe Solid State Drives are at least three times faster than traditional SATA interfaces.

The faster (and more expensive) the SSD becomes, the closer the Thunderbolt data storage devices will get to the quoted 40Gbps throughput that is possible with Thunderbolt 4.

For the first time, Thunderbolt has allowed for external data storage devices with comparable throughputs to upgrades that traditionally needed to be installed internaly in a computer.

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