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Thunderbolt PCIe NVMe

Thunderbolt SSD cases support all PCIe NVMe Solid State Disks.

This is presently the fastest SSD available and combined with Thunderbolt 4, an NVMe SSD will access the PCIe bus of the host device or computer.

This allows our Thunderbolt 4 case to provide up to 40Gbps data transfer to and from your computer or host.

If you are a serious gamer, mining cryptocurrencies or running professional design or production studios, you will only want to use Thunderbolt SSD drives.

Presently you can buy up to 4TB NVMe SSD's although reasonable pricing stops at 2TB.

HomeKit Australia's Thunderbolt SSD cases are designed to dissipate heat.

The Thunderbolt SSD cases are manufactured of thick aluminium alloy. We run our own Thunderbolt SSD drives 24/7.

Our Thunderbolt drives and Thunderbolt cases always run cool and at worst, barely warm. If you consider another vendor, please ask them how HOT their own personal Thunderbolt SSD drive runs?

These cases are in stock snd shipping nowThunderbolt 4 cables can be ordered separately.

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