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Thunderbolt History

We like to consider ourselves experts in Thunderbolt technology.

As such, Keith Palmer and Robin Belford have co-authored Thunderbolt - a Striking History which is regularly updated within our News Blog area.

On average we add around 7 to 10 articles each week to our News Blog, so it is now one of Australia's largest receptacles for information on Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt history.

Thunderbolt came of age as the default high speed computer interface with the release of Thunderbolt 3. With Thunderbolt 3 and the introduction of a USB-C compatible connector the connectivity game was to change quickly.

Suddenly, any computer user could use just one computer port to attain 40Gbps data throughput, fast charging, connection to DisplayPort monitors, PCIe plus maintain all their existing USB-C peripherals.

Thunderbolt 3 allowed for daisy chaining of up to 6 Thunderbolt devices on a single port. The same port could also connect to a Thunderbolt hub or docking station that could connect even more devices and peripherals, with just a single cable back to the host computer.

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