Thunderbolt docking stations

We now stock what we consider as the world's best Thunderbolt docking station.

What makes our Thunderbolt docking station extra special, is the ability to include an NVMe SSD within the docking station.

The Thunderbolt docking station becomes a defacto Thunderbolt SSD drive, plus provides 9 ports to connect a range of other peripherals.

HomeKit Australia's Thunderbolt NVMe docking station provides the neatest connection to your host computer with just a single cable to connect.

Our own Macs have these Thunderbolt docking stations connected.

Each and every external device plugs into the Thunderbolt docking station, and we have a 2TB Seagate Barracuda SSD installed in the Thunderbolt dock to back up the Mac computers. That is in addition to another 2TB Thunderbolt SSD drive that also connects to the Thunderbolt docking station.

We have just ONE CABLE plugged into our Macs - very neat indeed!

HomeKit Australia's Thunderbolt docking stations have support for a built-in M.2 B KEY(NGFF) protocol with a maximum 2TB SSD hard disk 10Gbps or our preferred m.2 M KEY(NVME) PCIe SSD with a maximum 2TB SSD with data transfer up to 40Gbps.

HomeKit Australia's Thunderbolt docking station ships with an external 240v power supply.

Thunderbolt docking stations | HomeKit Australia

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