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Thunderbolt cable update

Thunderbolt cables are now in very limited supply.

We have only five 1 metre Thunderbolt 4 cables remaining in stock.

New braided Thunderbolt cables have been held up by Toll in Sydney but should be in stock by the time you read this update.

The new braided Thunderbolt cables will sell for $59.95 so our present cables at $24.95 are an absolute bargain and below our cost price.

These black Thunderbolt cables are sourced from our Apple MFI cable factory.

A useful comparison of our USB-C and Thunderbolt cables, the diameter of our 3 grades of cable may be useful. Our entry-level 60w rated USB-C cable has a diameter of 3mm, the 100w USB-C cable 4mm and HomeKit Australia's Thunderbolt 4 cable 6mm.

These cables weigh 54g, so 1 metre Thunderbolt cables are almost double the weight of a budget USB-C cable.

We love Intel's Thunderbolt interface and take real pride in introducing new, high performance Thunderbolt products available to you. Our latest Thunderbolt 4 cable is available for ordering now and will be delivered to you by FREE Express Post this week.

HomeKit Australia is 100% Australian owned and operated and we use every Thunderbolt product we sell, ourselves ..... thanks for visiting our Thunderbolt online store.