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Thunderbolt 5

Thunderbolt 5 is slated to be released sometime in 2022.

Look for further speed and application improvements, plus it is rumoured that Thunderbolt 5 cable length will progress beyond the technical 2 metre limit available to Thunderbolt 4 users.

A hastily deleted tweet by an Intel executive referenced 80G PHY Technology, which is believed to suggest that Thunderbolt 5 will double the Thunderbolt 4 data throughput to 80Gbps.

The deleted tweet also confirmed that the new standard would continue to be backwardly compatible through USB-C as is currently the case.

It appears is looking to achieve the 80Gbps speed via a data signalling technology referred to as PAM-3 or Pulse Amplitude Modulation-3. This new technology would combine a 3 bit data signal that results in an increased data throughput.

Also likely is an increase to the existing cable length of 2 metres.

Presently, most cable manufacturers limit their Thunderbolt 4 cables to a maximum 1.8 metres to ensure there is no degradation of data throughput.

Also of interest is the pressure being mounted by the European Union for Apple to change their device connectors to a USB-C type connector. It is possible, indeed likely that Apple will fully transition all their devices to Thunderbolt 4.

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