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Thunderbolt 4 external devices

Thunderbolt 4 offers a huge advantage to all high-end computer users and gamers.

A Thunderbolt 4 port provides the external access to the fast PCIe bus. That means you can use PCIe NVMe devices such as HomeKit Australia's 2TB Thunderbolt SSD drive.

Previously, to get access to the PCIe bus, PCIe components had to be installed internally within your computer.

When you use NVMe storage, you access PCIe and not the traditional, but much slower, SATA.

Gamers, studio professionals and other high-end computer users can now store their data on external Thunderbolt 4 SSD drives, rather than building bigger, bulkier and hotter (read noisier) computers.

You can run these Thunderbolt 4 SSD drives from a Thunderbolt docking station and Thunderbolt 4 allows daisy-chaining of up to six devices, and more if you use a docking station.

HomeKit Australia has specialised in high performance data storage in Australia since 1988.

Thunderbolt SSD drives and Thunderbolt cables are in stock and now shipping.

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