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Thunderbolt 4 - connect extra devices

A Thunderbolt 4 equipped computer, laptop or iPad Pro provides the most versatile and powerful connection interface available.

Add a Thunderbolt docking station and life becomes not just simpler and easier (read better organised), but all your high-end devices including 4K or 8K monitors plus Thunderbolt SSD drive data storage connect to this Thunderbolt docking station.

The docking station needs just one Thunderbolt cable to connect to your Thunderbolt equipped computer, iPad Pro or gaming station.

Thunderbolt 4 also allows any individual Thunderbolt device to daisy chain to up to 5 other Thunderbolt devices or peripherals.

Thunderbolt 4 allows for up to 40Gbps data transfer and will drive two 4K or one 8K 60Hz monitor. Thunderbolt 4 allows NVMe devices like the 2TB Thunderbolt Fire SSD drive to access your computer's PCIe bus, whereas previously these devices needed to be installed internally.

HomeKit Australia stocks an ever-growing range of Thunderbolt devices and peripherals. It has specialised in high-end data storage in Australia since 1988

Thunderbolt 4 products are in stock at HomeKit Australia, and ship the same day as you place your order.

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