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The path to Thunderbolt SSD

Thunderbolt SSD's - how did we get there?

We've had a long history in the high performance data storage industry.

Originally building SCSI external hard drives for the Macintosh market in the late 1980's to mid 1990's, we focussed on high-end performance hard drives.

I can still remember the excitement when we first took delivery of the new Fujitsu 170MB and 240MB 3.5" hard drives. These were the largest commercially available hard drives in the world and we were the first to hold stock in Australia.

Next came FireWire and FireWire 800. Again we were at the forefront of this high-end data storage and again we specialised in this platform. Our drives went especially to film production studios and design professionals who wanted the fastest and most reliable data storage available.

We can remember the excitement of Moulin Rouge where all the film sequences were stored on our FireWire hard drives.

Then came USB ... ho hum .... but now this has given way to an interface we love and understand - Thunderbolt. In particular Thunderbolt 3 and Thunderbolt 4.

These 2 standards are essentially the same beast with only an improvement in video capabilities from Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 4.

Previously we were world partners to SyQuest and their removable hard drives, and dominated the Australian market in this technology. One of seven Mac market strategic partners worldwide for Seagate, we had a passion for bringing the very highest performing hard drives to market in Australia.

We've renewed our alliance with Seagate with our Thunderbolt SSD drives. Initially we are using Seagate Barracuda PCIe NVMe SSD's at the core of our Thunderbolt SSD drives. Soon we will also be offering the ultra-premium Seagate FireCuda SSD's to our clients.

HomeKit Australia searched the world for the highest performing Thunderbolt SSD case and we have now entered into an OEM relationship and these Thunderbolt cases will this month carry the HomeKit Australia logo. Thunderbolt 4 cables are also available.

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