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The best hair brush you will ever use?

A great hair brush makes detangling and even everyday use, a pleasure to use.

Late next week we will be ready to begin shipping our detangle hair brush.  We know lots of people have been waiting on these.

We use these hair brushes at home and we keep them packed in travel bags.  They really are quite superb.

Originally we bought the brushes for Cindy but I was weaned off my old favourite hairbrush and like me, you will probably find these to be simply the best hair brush you've ever used.

They are essentially an identical replica of the Abody detangling hair brush which costs around $100.  Many of the copies we've seen also sell for $50 or more.

At HomeKit Australia you can purchase these fantastic hair brushes for just $14.95. They are available in red, white and black - you choose which you want.

This hair brush is just one example of the benefits of buying from the HomeKit Australia online store where we maintain a factory direct purchase policy.

And remember, we use all our selected products ourselves.

Thank you for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.