HomeKit Australia's great new portable induction cooktop - ideal for caravans, granny flats and travelling or just as an outdoor BBQ extender.

This is a great product with so many uses.

Induction cooking utilises a direct induction heating of the cooking vessels rather than creating heat which then hopefully transfers to the cooking container.

Why pay $,000's in the big stores for full-featured induction cooktops?

Ideal for the Perth home renovator or Perth owner builder, IHomeKit Australia's induction cooktops come in both black and Pearl white.

They start at just $599 for black induction cooktop and only $50 more for the pearl white induction cooktop.

Searching for a white induction cooktop?

In Australia it is difficult to find white induction cooktops, especially those that measure a full 900mm width.

Full featured induction cooktops can cost $2000 and $3000. Some of them are made in the same factory as the induction cooktops available at HomeKit Australia's online store.

Installing a white kitchen? Can't find a white induction cooktop? Tired of paying top dollar?

HomeKit Australia has pearl white induction cooktops in stock for under $650 and they ship Australia wide to home renovators, owner builders and renovators.

In Australia it is difficult to find any white induction cooktops.

This is especially true for white induction cooktops that are the full size 900mm.

HomeKit Australia's white induction cooktop, not only is in stock and ready to ship, but it is available at only $649.95.