Our 2TB Thunderbolt Solid State Drive continues its popularity.

At just $499.95 this 2TB Thunderbolt drive is probably the best priced Thunderbolt Solid State Drive available in Australia, indeed the world.

If you need the highest performance data storage for your professional studio, photography, gaming or currency mining, then please consider this Thunderbolt SSD.

You may have already read that Thunderbolt pricing is due to increase for the remainder of 2021 and into the middle of 2022.

Thunderbolt chips are in very short supply and production will not ramp up until likely June 2022.

So, if you are considering a Thunderbolt 4 purchase, it is wise to do it now.

With the arrival of our own NVMe Solid State Drives, all HomeKit Australia Thunderbolt SSD's will transition to the new SSD's.

Previously using SSD's from Seagate, Kingston and Micron, all Thunderbolt SSD's will begin using HomeKit Australia SSD's. Our own SSD's feature factory direct pricing, premium Grade A Micron NAND and an SMI controller chip.

With the release of our HomeKit Australia SSD's or Solid State Drives, we are pleased to make available our SSD Primer for download.

To be published in Tech Magazines, the SSD Primer helps you to better understand Solid State Drives and their associated terminologies.

HomeKit Australia Solid State Drives will be in stock 1 October 2021.

Thunderbolt products are often made in the same factory yet the prices from OEM recipients can vary greatly.

This is exactly the case with Thunderbolt products from Orico and HomeKit Australia.

Thunderbolt products from both suppliers are mostly built on the same production line and both suppliers sell only high quality Thunderbolt product.

HomeKit Australia's new NVMe PCIe SSD's (Solid State Drives) are high performance and high reliability storage devices.

Based on NAND Flash technology, all the SSD's are designed to solve the bottleneck of computing systems by traditional hard disk drives.

SSD drives will be a core item at the HomeKit Australia online store heading into 2022.

Launching in late September, our own HomeKit Australia 1TB and 2TB SSD's feature Toshiba and Hynix Grade 1 NVMe SSD's respectively.

Around the same time as the launch and shipping of what we hope are Australia's best priced NVMe SSD's, HomeKit Australia will begin shipping a new range of both Thunderbolt and NVMe external SSD solutions.