Thunderbolt docking stations rarely include the ability to add two Solid State Drives internally within the Thunderbolt docking station.

HomeKit Australia's Thunderbolt docking station allows for an easily accessed double bay for Solid State Drives.

The area is fan cooled so as to ensure the SSD bay does not overheat and reduce the performance of the NGFF or NVMe SSD's.

New this week is our Thunderbolt video dock.

The Thunderbolt video dock is perfect for the studio or video professional with direct monitor access and peripheral connection so that you only need to connect a single cable to your portable device or computer.

This Thunderbolt dock is the best priced Thunderbolt docking station we stock.

You may have already read that Thunderbolt pricing is due to increase for the remainder of 2021 and into the middle of 2022.

Thunderbolt chips are in very short supply and production will not ramp up until likely June 2022.

So, if you are considering a Thunderbolt 4 purchase, it is wise to do it now.

With the arrival of our own NVMe Solid State Drives, all HomeKit Australia Thunderbolt SSD's will transition to the new SSD's.

Previously using SSD's from Seagate, Kingston and Micron, all Thunderbolt SSD's will begin using HomeKit Australia SSD's. Our own SSD's feature factory direct pricing, premium Grade A Micron NAND and an SMI controller chip.

Thunderbolt products are often made in the same factory yet the prices from OEM recipients can vary greatly.

This is exactly the case with Thunderbolt products from Orico and HomeKit Australia.

Thunderbolt products from both suppliers are mostly built on the same production line and both suppliers sell only high quality Thunderbolt product.

The constrained supply of various chips to manufacturers around the world is not abating.

Well known worldwide Thunderbolt supplier Orico and HomeKit Australia have Thunderbolt product made by the same manufacturer.

Sharing the same internals, Thunderbolt docking stations by Orico and HomeKit Australia are set to be highly constrained over many months after the two companies have placed orders for almost 70% of the world's supply of these chips.

Thunderbolt docking stations or Thunderbolt hubs by HomeKit Australia are unique in that you can buy or add up to 4GB of Thunderbolt NVMe SSD inside the Thunderbolt docking station.

Thunderbolt docking stations, Thunderbolt SSD drives and other Thunderbolt products are integral to HomeKit Australia's online store.

If you need to brush up on SSD terminology and SSD varieties you can read more about both SSD and Thunderbolt on our News Blog.