You might have noticed that there is an improved product layout on the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store website.

Most importantly we have upgraded the store to Liquid 2.0 and subsequently have heavily optimised the loading speed of all pages.

Hopefully you will have noticed already that webpages load almost instantly, even on slower connections.

100w chargers continue to be one of HomeKit Australia's fastest selling products.

Our 100w chargers are "smart" chargers, in that they deliver ONLY the amount of power being requested by your device.

This means your device will not be over-charged or have more power than optimal to battery life delivered by our 100w charger.

With the arrival of our own NVMe Solid State Drives, all HomeKit Australia Thunderbolt SSD's will transition to the new SSD's.

Previously using SSD's from Seagate, Kingston and Micron, all Thunderbolt SSD's will begin using HomeKit Australia SSD's. Our own SSD's feature factory direct pricing, premium Grade A Micron NAND and an SMI controller chip.

Thunderbolt docking stations or Thunderbolt hubs by HomeKit Australia are unique in that you can buy or add up to 4GB of Thunderbolt NVMe SSD inside the Thunderbolt docking station.

Thunderbolt docking stations, Thunderbolt SSD drives and other Thunderbolt products are integral to HomeKit Australia's online store.

If you need to brush up on SSD terminology and SSD varieties you can read more about both SSD and Thunderbolt on our News Blog.

100w charger reduced to $79.95.

With this 100w 4 port charger, you can retire your collection of individual chargers and swap to our "100w PowerHouse". 

With 4 separate outlets - two USB-C (or Thunderbolt or USB4) and two traditional USB outlets, this 100w of GaN power allows you to charge your M1 MacBook, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, all at the same time .... and FAST.

100w chargers are on special today.

The 100w 4 port chargers are a part of today's Black Friday Sale that lasts through until Sunday night.

The 100w chargers feature 2 x USB-C and 2 x USB ports.

100w chargers are in ample stock at HomeKit Australia.

Order today and we ship today.

Our 100w chargers are "smart" chargers with the latest Gallium Nitride technology.

65w charger with USB-C and USB ports is just $29.95 until next weekend.

To buy the 65w charger for $29.95, you will need to use code 29.95CHARGER at checkout. This will apply a $10 discount to the already reduced $39.95 price.

The 65w charger utilises the latest GaN or Gallium Nitride chip technology so that it will supply a consistent fast charge without getting hot.