Thunderbolt docking stations rarely include the ability to add two Solid State Drives internally within the Thunderbolt docking station.

HomeKit Australia's Thunderbolt docking station allows for an easily accessed double bay for Solid State Drives.

The area is fan cooled so as to ensure the SSD bay does not overheat and reduce the performance of the NGFF or NVMe SSD's.

Our 2TB Thunderbolt Solid State Drive continues its popularity.

At just $499.95 this 2TB Thunderbolt drive is probably the best priced Thunderbolt Solid State Drive available in Australia, indeed the world.

If you need the highest performance data storage for your professional studio, photography, gaming or currency mining, then please consider this Thunderbolt SSD.

With the arrival of our own NVMe Solid State Drives, all HomeKit Australia Thunderbolt SSD's will transition to the new SSD's.

Previously using SSD's from Seagate, Kingston and Micron, all Thunderbolt SSD's will begin using HomeKit Australia SSD's. Our own SSD's feature factory direct pricing, premium Grade A Micron NAND and an SMI controller chip.