Our purchase price of Solid State Drives has increased regularly over the past months.

SSD producers have been badly hit by the chip shortage and in order top secure NAND and controller chips they have had to pay higher prices.

Next Monday, HomeKit Australia will be forced to increase the price of all Solid State Drive product.

As part of its new range of SSD products, HomeKit Australia will be launching SATA III SSD's.

Our 2.5" SSD's will be suitable to replace any SATA computer internal drive or external drive

With a 3 year warranty, our 2.5" SSD's will be based around Quad Level Cell SSD technology. You can Understand SSD technology and terms by reading our News Blog.

Headed into 2021 a major focus of the HomeKit Australia online store is on Thunderbolt and SSD technologies .... and as HomeKit Australia is about to begin shipping its own NVMe SSD's, we thought we would share some more about the superiority of NVMe SSD's and why we use and sell them.

Watch out for HomeKit Australia's bargain priced SATA SSD drives - coming in September.

These SATA 2.5" SSD drives will join our burgeoning range of selected SSD drives.

These SSD drives feature 6Gbps data transfer speed but will be available at a sensational Australian launch price.