Often we are dismayed by the massive profit margins we know are charged by the glitzy retail construction and appliance stores.

We then picked only the very best and unique of the products we selected and set up a designer art series collection. One of these products is the best Australian toilet suite we consider to be the best available in Australia.

The Perth home renovator collection at HomeKit Australia is currently almost fully stocked.

The Perth home renovator store was initiated to cater for the rather outlandish prices being asked by Perth building supply stores of home renovators in Perth.

The Perth home renovator store is targeted directly at both Perth home renovators as well as Perth owner builders.

At HomeKit Australia we stock selected house and construction products targeted directly to the Australian owner builder.

We aim to take the guesswork out of selecting quality and reliable construction fittings and materials.

We have a best-of-the-best range known as our Home Kit Collection.

If you are embarking on a home renovation or an owner builder housing project, you can now forget sticker shock and buy our selected home kit building products and services online at HomeKit Australia.

Available to all Perth home renovators and owner builders, this service has been created by Keith Palmer of the Infrastructure South West Group, based in Perth and Bunbury.

Perth home renovators and Perth owner builders now can buy from the HomeKit Australia online store and receive FREE delivery. by using code PERTHHOME at checkout. This applies only to our "home kit" products.

Normally there's a flat Australia wide delivery charge of $7.45. By using the code PERTHHOME you receive a $7.45 discount to cancel out the delivery charge.

Bunbury building products are now available from the HomeKit Australia online store.

The Infrastructure South West Group has been based in Bunbury and offers a range of Bunbury building products across Perth, Bunbury and south west WA. HomeKit Australia ships Australia wide for a flat $7.45.

Home kit products are now available from the HomeKit Australia online store.