With price increases from our supplier factories now almost universal, today many of our HomeKit Australia products will increase in price.

Where we have existing stock we have held prices but otherwise we've been forced to increase prices this week by around 2-5%.

As we have good stocks of Thunderbolt and MFI cables, we have held their pricing firm.

Our first ever 9.99% off everything sale begins today and runs through to Sunday night.

HomeKit Australia's Black Friday Sale has no minimum purchases, no coupon codes just a straight 9.99% off every item in the store.

You can get a 500GB NVMe SSD external drive for just $89.96.

HomeKit products suitable for Australia are becoming increasingly difficult to secure.

The worldwide chip shortage has caused our suppliers to raise the minimum order quantities from hundreds to thousands of individual pieces for each HomeKit product.

This has resulted in us making an outlay of several hundred thousand dollars and a wait of several months for each product to be produced and delivered.