Apple's MagSafe charging technology has spawned an inordinate number of accessories.

One of the most keenly sought of these are quality MagSafe car chargers.

As far as we know, only HomeKit Australia's MagSafe car charger was developed with testing and design to specifically cope with Australian roads (and off roads).

We've added the highest output in-car charger we can find.

With a combined output of over 58w, our new car charger is outstanding value at just $16.95.

The dual port car charger features USB-C 36w output plus USB 22.5w output provide Apple PD3.0 plus QC3.0 for Android.

MagSafe car chargers have been one of HomeKit Australia's best selling items throughout 2021.

Road tested during development in Australia, these MagSafe car chargers aim to offer the best combination of rapid MagSafe charging and magnet strength over Australian roads.

Our Mag car charger for the iPhone 12 series is designed to hold your iPhone tightly.

MagSafe car chargers can be found everywhere but they are often flimsy and inefficient.

HomeKit Australia's MagSafe car charger has been designed for Australian conditions.

It offers fast magnetic charging plus the ability to tighten the charging cradle onto your air vents preventing the charging unit from falling off whenever you go over a bump.