100w chargers continue to be one of HomeKit Australia's fastest selling products.

Our 100w chargers are "smart" chargers, in that they deliver ONLY the amount of power being requested by your device.

This means your device will not be over-charged or have more power than optimal to battery life delivered by our 100w charger.

100w chargers have been reduced to $79.95 at the HomeKit Australia online store.

The 100w chargers are smart chargers and have a total of four charging ports.

Being a smart charger, this 100w charger handshakes with the various devices you might be charging and only supplies the exact amount of power being requested by your device.

100w charger reduced to $79.95.

With this 100w 4 port charger, you can retire your collection of individual chargers and swap to our "100w PowerHouse". 

With 4 separate outlets - two USB-C (or Thunderbolt or USB4) and two traditional USB outlets, this 100w of GaN power allows you to charge your M1 MacBook, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, all at the same time .... and FAST.

100w chargers are on special today.

The 100w 4 port chargers are a part of today's Black Friday Sale that lasts through until Sunday night.

The 100w chargers feature 2 x USB-C and 2 x USB ports.

100w chargers are in ample stock at HomeKit Australia.

Order today and we ship today.

Our 100w chargers are "smart" chargers with the latest Gallium Nitride technology.

Our 100w chargers are one of HomeKit Australia's staple items.

The 100w chargers feature 4 x outlet ports, 2 x USB-C and 2 x USB. They will charge a combined 100w or will charge 100w directly from the top USB-C port.

So these 100w chargers are suitable as AC chargers for high powered Thunderbolt 4 or USB4 devices.