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Thunderbolt store status

Thank you for the flood of emails, texts and calls about our impending closure on 30 June.

Almost everyone has asked why we would consider closing?

Simply, there is not a high enough level of orders for the HomeKit Australia store to be profitable.

Remember, HomeKit Australia's Thunderbolt store is 100% Australian owned and operated and all advertised stock is held, ready to ship, within Australia.

We will celebrate 2 years of operation on 30 June but in all this time, all labour has been volunteered - yes, anyone associated with HomeKit Australia works for free - and it has cost me on average $1000 per week to pay the overheads, expenses and trading losses associated with maintaining the operation.

Often we have to sell product way below our cost or give product away for free and incur several thousand dollars of losses in a single week.

To break even - that's still with people working for free - we required roughly 4x our existing sales revenue.


The other issue, that makes a decision to close, easy, is the daily threats of extortion to write bad reviews and adversely publicise the store unless they receive free product. Other people publish adverse reviews when we send them free product but they refuse to pay 90c for air delivery during floods that wiped out road transport links despite multiple updates of delivery status from both ourselves and Australia post.

The list goes on but it is difficult to deal with the growing number of these jerks that exist out there.

It will be up to you to support this Australian business and we will review the situation in mid June.

The major markdowns of stock continue, so these bargains definitely will never be repeated.

We continue to love the Thunderbolt interface and take real pride in making new performance Thunderbolt products available to you. Our latest Thunderbolt 4 cable is available for ordering now and will be delivered to you by FREE Express Post this week.

HomeKit Australia is 100% Australian owned and operated and we use every Thunderbolt product we sell, ourselves ..... thanks for visiting our Thunderbolt online store.

Thanks - Keith Palmer