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Stainless shower recess

Building a new home? Renovating a bathroom? Owner builder? Wanting a classy, durable and timeless solution?

Why not build these high quality stainless steel recesses into your shower area wall?

Above all else, when we are looking for the highest level of hygiene in our lives, these marine grade stainless steel recesses totally deliver.

If, like us, you are tired of expensive, breakable and protruding racks or shelves, take a look at our marine grade stainless steel shower shelf recesses.

So say NO to expensive, breakable and protruding racks or shelves. and purchase a quality marine grade stainless recess shelf from HomeKit Australia.

The HomeKit Australia stainless steel recesses are purchased direct from the factory.

The stainless steel shower shelf recesses are such a great, practical idea. It may seem an odd choice but it is such a simple product that provides long term benefits including a practical area safe from microbe build up, that we just had to include this great product.

Classy, practical and durable, these satin finished, brushed stainless steel Shower Niches cater for families big or small .... there's a standard 610x305mm unit or choose from horizontal or vertical (with an inbuilt central shelf) 846mm niche.

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