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SSD's - Solid State Drives

It is important to broaden your knowledge so that you can leverage technology in your business or personal life, rather than be a slave to it.

Or perhaps you need to master technology in your startup.

In understanding Solid State Drives, there's much to consider.

First up there's ..... SLC SSD’s or Single Level Cell.

An SLC is the most rudimentary type of Solid State Drive.

Put simply, this is a single-level cell SSD. An SLC SSD is the fastest and most durable type of SSD but they can accept only one bit per memory cell.

The bottom line is that SLC SSD’s are less error-prone and generally the most reliable SSD, but they are also the most expensive.

Because SLC SSD’s are considerably more expensive than other SSD’s, they tend to be reserved for enterprise or very high-end applications.

You will not find any SLC SSD’s in the consumer marketplace listings and if you do, you may be horrified at the price.

Many Solid State Drives are used in conjunction with the Thunderbolt interface.

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