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SSD Primer

With the release of our HomeKit Australia SSD's or Solid State Drives, we are pleased to make available our SSD Primer for download.

To be published in Tech Magazines, the SSD Primer helps you to better understand Solid State Drives and their associated terminologies.

HomeKit Australia Solid State Drives will be in stock 1 October 2021.

In the meantime, here's a sample of the SSD Primer -

"Today computer and device users are replacing traditional hard drives and even USB storage with the much faster Solid State Drive options that abound the internet marketplaces.



The world of Solid State Drives or SSD’s can be especially confusing to people new to the technology.



There's various acronyms, numbers and specifications, associated with SSD’s, which at first can be extremely confusing. It is easy to purchase the wrong or incompatible product so read on to better understand the types and terminology associated with Solid State Drives.



SSD’s are composed of millions, even billions, of individual silicon cells that store your data.



So, we need to understand the various cell structures of different SSD's. You might see terms like triple layer or 3D or 4D NAND, so let's understand the differences between each of the types of cells that are at the heart of all SSD’s."



To read the full article download HomeKit Australia's SSD Primer.

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