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SSD drives explained

So which is the best SSD for you?

There are different categories of SSD available today. They not only differ in their performance and price but also use different connector types. They include SATA, mSATA, NGFF and NVMe PCIe m.2.

NVMe PCIe SSD's are the premium SSD available and the only SSD sold in SSD drives from HomeKit Australia. The most affordable solution is our external NVMe SSD enclosure.

NVMe PCIe SSDs are faster than any other SSD.

Typically NVMe PCIe SSDs have faster read and write speeds than other types of SSD's and combined with Thunderbolt 4 can reach a data transfer rate of up to 40Gbps.

NVMe PCIe SSD's are typically aimed at professional users who might be involved in video or music production, intensive database applications and more recently cryptocurrency miners.

Our advice for normal everyday usage and reliable backups is to go with our 10Gbps NVMe solution and for professional users to purchase Thunderbolt 4 solutions.

If you wish to understand the 2280 in the NVMe specification, this means that the SSD is 22mm wide and 80mm in length. NVMe SSD's can be 30, 42, 60, 80 and 100mm in length.

Remember that there are a wide variety of SSD's on the market. They all have different specifications and will all perform to different levels.

In comparison, cheaper NGFF m.2 SSDs share the same specifications as SATA and mSATA SSD's but use a different connector. They have similar read and write speed and will give an equal performance boost as SATA 3 and mSATA SSDs.

2TB Thunderbolt SSD drives are available now.

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