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SSD drives

Solid State hard drives - more commonly referred to as SSD's - are rapidly replacing the traditional magnetic or platter hard drives.

However, when you are searching for an external SSD drive it can be quite confusing.

At HomeKit Australia we aim to remove the confusion and supply SSD cases for those that already have their own or understand the various SSD terminology.

If you don't, we offer plug'n'play solutions that utilise only the fastest SSD technologies.

Our series of SSD drives kicks off with a dual NVMe and SATA case, continuing through to our premium Thunderbolt SSD drives.

Professionals using photos and videos will use a lot of storage space.

There's everyday working space that require fast and smooth performance, backups, 4K video editing and more.

For the ultimate in performance we recommend our 2TB Thunderbolt Fire SSD drive.

PC World has reviewed the Seagate FireCuda as the world's fastest SSD.

HomeKit Australia is 100% Australian owned and operated .... thanks for stopping by our Thunderbolt online store.