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SSD drives

Solid State Drives or SSD's operate in a similar fashion to your computer memory.

Both use IC's (Integrated Circuits) or chips for data storage which makes them significantly faster than older mechanical hard drives.

The big difference between your computer memory or RAM is that the RAM is "volatile". That simply means they will lose the data stored on them when your computer is turned off.

However, SSD's are non-volatile, so they retain the data stored on them, whether they powered or not ... just like the older hard drives. Today we see many people using laptop, computers or mobile devices using SSD's due to their significantly superior performance.

Using SSD's both reduces the loading time of operating systems plus they speed up the execution of applications and loading of data.

However, choosing an SSD can be confusing. And not all SSD's are created equal.

At HomeKit Australia we've tried to both reduce this confusion and simply make available the very best SSD products.

Whilst there are many types and styles of SSD's on the market, we stock only the highest performing SSD ... NVMe. Our advice is not to muck about with older, cheaper, slower SSD's and simply invest in NVMe.

We sell both the premium performance Thunderbolt 4 SSD's plus cheaper USB-C based SSD products which are ideal for everyday use and backups.

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