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SSD drive Thunderbolt drive

Thunderbolt SSD drives are core to the success of HomeKit Australia.

Thunderbolt is a premium power, storage and data transfer medium and HomeKit Australia's heritage in premium data storage goes way back to pioneering SCSI high-end data storage in Australia in the late 1980's.

Today premium data storage and data transfer is almost unrecognisable with big, bulky boxes with buttons and dials giving way to tiny SSD drives with capacities that previously would fill an entire room.

Thunderbolt SSD drives enable the transfer of a 4K movie in under 30 seconds.

Thunderbolt 4 can run two 4K displays and have nearly 16 million more pixels than an HDTV or a single 8K monitor.

With Thunderbolt 4 you can transfer 3 hours of 4K GoPro footage in less than one minute or back up a year’s worth of continuous MP3 music playback in just over 5 minutes.

Did you realise that 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Thunderbolt 4 can transfer this 300 hours of video in under 20 seconds.

HomeKit Australia is 100% Australian owned and operated .... thanks for stopping by our Thunderbolt online store.