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SSD clearance

The first Solid State Drive "Skip Bin" special is our NVMe SSD cases.

The remaining stock are going out for $29.95 - that's under half price - and includes a 225mm black USB-C to USB-C cable.

NVMe Solid State Drives allows access to your computer's PCIe bus, providing maximum data transfer throughput.

Although not providing the same sorts of speed as our Thunderbolt enclosure, these SSD cases are an extremely affordable introduction into SSD external drives that actually offer reasonable data transfer speeds.

Please be wary of cheap SSD cases. They typically offer quite slow data throughputs.

Always look for NVMe PCIe and beware of cases stating SATA or NGFF, as they are significantly slower than NVMe. Our HomeKit Australia NVMe SSD cases offer 10Gbps data throughput and will work with an M Key NVMe 2280 SSD that you may have or wish to purchase.