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Solid State Drives - Multi Level Cell

In understanding Solid State Drives we need to understand MLC SSD’s or the Multi Level Cell.

Calling this type of SSD a “Multi-Level Cell” is a little misleading as MLC SSD’s only store two bits per cell, plus MLC SSD’s are marginally slower than SLC SSD’s.

That’s down to it taking extra time to write two bits onto a cell, rather than just one, as is the case with SLC SSD’s.

With data being written to the NAND flash more often than with an SLC SSD, MLC SSD’s also suffer somewhat in durability and reliability.

Shortcomings aside, MLC SSD’s offer a good combination of performance and reliability.

However, they too are also expensive and like SLC SSD’s tend to remain in the enterprise or professional space.

Many Solid State Drives are used in conjunction with the Thunderbolt interface.

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