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Solid State Drive - Wear Levelling

Not many people will tell you this, but Solid State Drive cells begin degrading as soon as they are used.

It's a bit like buying a new car that immediately falls in value, except with SSD's great new technologies like Wear Levelling Technology, come to your rescue.

So that a Solid State Drive stays in optimal condition for the longest period of time, the Solid State Drive controller manufacturers began to include wear technology to minimise the writing of data to aligned cells and maximise the life of the SSD.

Simply this means that on a modern SSD, data is written across individual memory cells as equally as is possible.

Rather than writing a certain block in one section of the SSD all the time, your SSD will distribute data evenly across all the billions of cells.

The aim of WLT is to access and fill the cells at relatively the same rate.
WLT has allowed lower cost 3D and 4D SSD's to offer significantly improved expected lives. For example, HomeKit Australia’s NVMe SSD's offer greater than 20 year data retention.

Newer SSD's usually offer a multi-year warranty so manufacturers have become extremely confident in the ability of on-board controllers from companies like SMI (Silicon Motion) to significantly extend the life cycle of all Solid State Drives.

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