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Solid State Drive m.2

m.2 describes the physical size, shape, and design of an NVMe Solid State Drive.

m.2 NVMe SSD’s somewhat resemble a common RAM DIMM. They fit into special slots on most modern computer motherboards and external cases such as Thunderbolt enclosures.

If you see a number like 2280 or 2260, it refers to the length of the SSD in mm. Typically the NVMe that is sold by HomeKit Australia and others is 2280 NVMe.

The slots in an SSD connector carry letter names like B or M Key. If you are looking for an SSD to use with Thunderbolt or PCIe you will need an M Key SSD.

The M refers to PCIe x4 and SATA. SATA SSD’s also require the B Key so if you see an SSD with just the M Key slot available, you know it is an NVMe SSD accessing the host’s fast PCIe bus.

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